The Best Latino Basketball Player of All Time

So who is the best Latino basketball player of the all time? It’s obviously Manu Ginobli.

Ginobli played for the Spurs his whole career and did very well with Tony Parker, Tim Duncan & all those nitty gritty role players.

What Was Ginobli Known For?

Ginobli was incredibly quick and had a very nice touch. he could pretty much do it all. he could drive to the rock. he could shoot a little bit. and he played good defense.

He is also known for bringing the euro-step to the NBA. He was the one player that is well known for using it. According to him in an interview that it is just the way he used to play when before he played in the NBA and he does not know that it is called like that.

One of the ways that I remember him is he was very pesky on defense. at one point he broke Steve Nash’s nose because he was playing so hard.

Spurs was unbeatable at his prime together with Duncan and Parker, they were tearing teams and won championships together. They are a favorite team to bet according to the site

As he got older, his game got a little bit older. All throughout his career, he kind of had a old man game period but as he got older it really turned into that old man game period now, don’t get me wrong , he was still really good.

But at the end of the day, he ended up losing his step in that drastically diminished his game that was built upon being slithery and quick.